Published: Wed, February 07, 2018
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False TSUNAMI Warning ISSUED for Eastern Seaboard of US — EAST COAST PANIC

False TSUNAMI Warning ISSUED for Eastern Seaboard of US — EAST COAST PANIC

A recorded voicemail statement at the National Weather Service in Silver Spring, Maryland, provided a little more detail.

The test message was issued in cities from ny to Texas by Accuweather, citing the National Tsunami Warning Center, which is a branch of the National Weather Service.

Some Jersey Shore residents were startled Tuesday morning when their cell phones went off with a tsunami alert.

Several Accuweather users reported receiving the alert.

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Local NWS Twitter accounts have since been trying to eliminate the confusion surrounding the alert. However, some news and weather services picked up the test message and posted it on social media and in apps. "Some users have gotten warnings, and that is not the case".

AccuWeather, a popular app that transmitted the message, tweeted that there was no threat to the East Coast and clarified that it was just a test. "So this is not normal". "Please note there is no tsunami threat for New England". "Again, there are no tsunami warnings in effect".

A tweet from the NWS out of Charleston said that the alert was issued around 8:30 a.m., and was a part of a monthly tsunami warning test.

AccuWeather blamed the National Weather Service for the false alarm, saying the government weather agency "miscoded" a test message as a real warning.

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"Looking out the window and seeing the ocean puts you in a different frame of mind when you get a tsunami warning, " he said. A tsunami was generated by the quake, but no damage or deaths were attributed to it.

Tsunamis are giant waves caused by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions under the sea. They can be among nature's most lethal phenomena.

The alerts came the month after the state of Hawaii mistakenly warned residents of the islands of an inbound missile, sparking panic. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, ' the alert read.

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