Published: Sun, February 04, 2018
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

This Florida nurse really wants you to wash your 'stinking hands'

This Florida nurse really wants you to wash your 'stinking hands'

The video garnered more than 4 million views on Facebook at the time of publishing this story.

ER Dr. Armand Dorian says Nurse Lockler's concerns about emergency rooms are legitimate.

"Some of them are not true emergencies, but they're waiting along with the flu right next to them".

But Katherine insists she didn't mean to undermine anyone's intelligence, she just wanted people to understand how they can take the correct precautions to get themselves disinfected.

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Lockler, who said she's professionally taken care of people for nearly 18 years, used a real-life example to highlight some of the carelessness she said she's seen this flu season.

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In a video, which has been seen very almost 5 million times on Facebook, Katherine Lockler of Milton, Fla., shares her dissatisfaction over how people have taken care of the unusually brutal flu season. "For her time and effort, she is being reported to the Board of Registered Nursing and her hospital".

"Wash your stinking hands so you don't get all babies sick", she says.

AN EXHAUSTED nurse launched a brazen six minute Facebook tirade educating her social media followers on how they can stop spreading the flu virus because "it seems people aren't aware".

It continues, "Please sign this petition if you support ER Nurses and staff and the spreading of education during this terrible flu season". Then she repeats it, in slow motion.

In the video, Lockler gives a strained smile as she offers ideas for avoiding spreading flu, and shows how to sneeze safely by placing one's face against a sleeve at a bent elbow. "So, guess what? Five flus came in, 15 flus walk out".

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Lockler told Pensacola News Journal in a phone interview Wednesday that she has personally witnessed some of the carelessness.

"It's killed some people", she said.

"Please don't bring your healthy children, especially your newborn babies, into the emergency room", Lockler is heard saying in the video, which has been shared more than 90,000 times since Saturday.

"The most serious issue for me was seeing people come in to visit and not exclusively being presented to this horrendous flu infection, however not avoiding potential risk to get themselves purified before going out on the planet", Lockler said. "It's wonderful to watch how many people come through the emergency room, sneeze in their hands and - I watch - no one grabs the hand sanitizer". "If you don't have a true emergency, this would not be the time to come to the emergency room", she says. She says that not only exposed the other players, but everyone they come into contact with. "I tend to be sarcastic in all my speaking, but if it's taken wrong I would definitely apologize to that group that misheard my message because of my tone".

And the message is indeed right on the money, especially this flu season.

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