Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Spotify launches new experimental free music app Stations

Spotify launches new experimental free music app Stations

When you will scroll inside the app, stations will be easily changed.

The app makes it simple to jump straight into listening to a selection of tunes which will appeal to numerous streaming generation.

Described as an "experiment" by Spotify, the Stations app looks to offer pre-made playlists the music streaming firm is calling "stations" with titles such as Indie, Folk, Feel Good and Workout.

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The app, which is now only available in Australia, works a lot like Spotify's own Radio Stations found in the core Spotify app and repackaged in a free, new box.

Spotify has unfurled its wings and stealthily released a new app called Stations into the Google Play Store.

With the regular Spotify app, you can play any song or band you like with a paid-for membership. However, several users have complained that there's no way to skip tracks.

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The company calls Stations an "experiment" that will help people "listen to great music". You'll instead have to rely on the app's ability to automatically generate new playlists based on your musical tastes. Furthermore, the app begins playing as soon as the user opens it up, and the user is able to navigate to their preferred playlist by swiping and tapping. "As you listen, it learns what you like and creates personalised stations that you'll love", Spotify noted in the app listing for Stations. There is no way they can create their own stations though they can customize the list of stations based on their preferences.

However, users will have to keep themselves restricted to listening to playlists that are already there. There are quite a few playlists shown by default which makes it quite redundant for the user to type or search for music; more so when there is also the Discover Weekly and Release Radar features available.

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