Published: Wed, January 31, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Alexa can now Send SMS Messages to Smartphones via Voice Command

Alexa can now Send SMS Messages to Smartphones via Voice Command

Use your supported Echo device to send SMS messages using your mobile phone to your friends and family.

It is also possible to specify to Alexa that you want to send a text message if you don't want your device to use the Alexa messaging service. If so, you've got a new feature to try out.

In Yemen, southern separatists seize strategic port city, further splintering country
Saudi troops who have been guarding the palace for months stopped the separatists at the gate, preventing them from entering. Almost three years on, the coalition has failed to achieve its stated aim of restoring the "legitimate" government of Hadi.

Ask Alexa to send a message to their number. Amazon has already introduced a calling and messaging system in the U.S. past year, but with the latest update, Alexa can send messages as normal text to Android phones. In the Conversations tab, you'll need to select "Contacts", then "My Profile", after that witch the "Send SMS" feature on. That being said, every message by default will be routed to Alexa device and only if it is not available the message will then be relayed via SMS.

There's a big limitation at the moment, and it's that only Android users can now use this feature. If that fails, it'll send an SMS. Alexa app had earlier earned the wrath of its users after it automatically imported contact details. For example, in the US, users can make free voice calls and messages to Alexa-enabled devices, but that's not the case for Indian users. You can make phone calls to other Echo devices in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

Apple set to introduce three iPhone X-based smartphones this year
That's another instance where Apple introduced three new phones , but ended up staggering the iPhone X's debut. The current iPhone SE looks a lot like the iPhone 5s, being powered by an A9 chip and having 2GB of RAM.

Alexa devices gain SMS functionality in the latest update.

The new feature comes just days before the launch of Apple's HomePod, which will feature the ability to send iMessage and SMS messages through Siri. On a related note, Alexa has always had the first movers advantage since it had a two-year head start with respect to Google Home.

Chris Stapleton talks collaborating with Sturgill, Petty tribute after the Grammys
Scheduled musical guest Chris Stapleton surprised fans when he welcomed Sturgill Simpson to the stage for two songs. He also performed Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" with Emmylou Harris to introduce the In Memoriam section of the show.

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