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Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

Man Gets 5-Foot Long Tapeworm From Eating Sushi Everyday

Man Gets 5-Foot Long Tapeworm From Eating Sushi Everyday

A sushi addict who ate raw salmon every day was horrified to feel a five and a half foot tapeworm "wiggling out" of his bottom when he used the toilet.

"He grabs it, and he pulls on it, and it keeps coming out", Bahn recounted on the podcast.

According to Bahn, the tapeworm began to leave the man's body while he was on the toilet.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned last February issued a warning that an increase in raw fish consumption has acted like a driving factor for a rise in tapeworm infections. "Just my height", Banh said. "He then picks the thing up, looks at it, and what does it do?"

Bahn said the man was relieved it was a tapeworm.

Like sushi? You might not after reading this story.

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The man thought he was dying, Banh said, "Oh my goodness my guts are coming out of me", and started pulling at the worm.

Quizzical at first, Dr Banh quickly agreed to his patient's claims after opening the bag and finding a 1.7-meter-long (5.5-foot-long) adult parasitic flatworm curled around an empty toilet paper roll. The CDC points out that in one specific type of disease called Anisakiasis, people may feel tingling when eating the sushi, which is an indication that a worm is moving around in your mouth or throat.

"It got long enough that some of it was sneaking out of him", he said about the parasite. If you eat infected fish, you also get a dose of larvae, which then take over your digestive tract.

Many cases of diphyllobothriasis are asymptomatic; however, because of it's large size (can grow up to 30 feet long), a patient may experience abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss. But when fish isn't frozen for long enough, or if it doesn't reach low enough temperatures, some parasites can survive and find their way into people's bodies, Banh explained. When it comes time to procreate, these hermaphroditic creatures make use of the full suite of male and female reproductive organs packed into their rear ends - they can self-fertilize or mate with another individual.

But aside from the sheer horror of it, tapeworms do not typically do much damage to their hosts. A mystery solved for the patient, who quickly swore he would not touch the fish again.

As for Banh, the tapeworm won't stop him from eating sushi.

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