Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

Nintendo Announces New Mario Tennis Title, Dark Souls Remastered

Nintendo Announces New Mario Tennis Title, Dark Souls Remastered

Players shown so far for Aces include Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi, and Nintendo revealed that Aces will also include a story mode for the first time in the franchise since Mario Tennis Power Tour on Game Boy Advance. The second wave, coming out on March 23, introduces Blastoise and support for Mew and Celebi. Then, roles reverse. Find the balloons hidden by your opponent before time runs out.

The video shown lays out how the game is mapped to a single device, where both battle systems play out at once. This is a new paid DLC pack coming to the game this Spring.

In a surprise Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced a slew of new games and updates for the Nintendo Switch. SNK Heroines utilizes only the female characters from the series as the name implies, and it utilizes a fairly simplified input system only requiring one button. As a young cub, you come into this world and venture forth to try and get the forest to sing once more, uncovering secrets, completing side quests and howling along with other creatures in the forest to bring them on your side.

Britain's M&S feels heat from mild October as sales stumble
Tesco did take a hit from lost tobacco sales after wholesaler Palmer & Harvey collapsed in November. The gains made during the 19 weeks to January 5 cover the important Christmas trading period.

Remastered to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, here's what you'll be able to play on your Nintendo Switch soon.

Another DLC announced was adding Donkey Kong to Mario + Rabbids, adding a new world and story to the game. The DLC will be available this Spring.

Yep. Payday 2 is coming with new features so that players can rob banks like never before.

Iran's supreme leader accuses US & Britain of trying to overthrow Islamic republic
Demonstrations broke out across Iran last month fueled by anger at the lackluster economy and official corruption. This story was first published on CNN .com, " 3,700 people were arrested during Iran protests, lawmaker says ".

"A modern take on the action platformer", Celeste is the story of Madeline, who can pretty much climb everything and dash like nobody's business. Nintendo being Nintendo, the game still comes with two-player co-op, but players can utilize spit Joy-Cons to play together. Fe release date for the Nintendo Switch is February 16. The game arrives for Nintendo Switch on May 4. While the remaster will also be available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, its release on the Switch marks a trend for the latest Nintendo console of a willingness to release titles not under the Nintendo banner. Find it on May 25, 2018.

This is the game that particularly captured my interest in this direct.

Stay tuned for more information that is sure to get served up.

Trump seen stopping short of killing Iran nuclear deal
U.S. officials told CNN that the President's top national security advisers are encouraging him to renew the waivers. Trump will have a series of decisions to make on the deal in the days following the first waiver deadline on Friday.

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