Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
Science | By Cecil Little

NVIDIA adds Instagram-like filters to your games

NVIDIA adds Instagram-like filters to your games

Since the GeForce NOW is a streaming service, users need at least 25 Mbps Internet download speed, although Nvidia recommends 50 Mbps or higher, and either a hardwired Ethernet connection or 5 GHz wireless router. Well, Nvidia is making a service called GeForce NOW that will let gamers play even the most graphically demanding games on a toaster, and the service is currently in open beta for everyone in the USA and Europe.

Nvidia Freestyle is available now through the GeForce Experience Beta.

Freestyle lets you be more creative with your games.

Not all games are supported by Freestyle.

Select a game from our supported list and click "Install". The new features will be available in the company's GeForce Experience software on January 9th - just be sure to enable "Experimental Features" to see them.

CES 2018: Amazon's Alexa to challenge Cortana
It may have decided it would rather consumers interact with Alexa directly, instead of accessing the assistant via Cortana. Alexa PCs will tap into Intel Smart Sound Technology; Acer says it will not impact system performance.

Nvidia claims the cloud gaming service can stream games with a resolution of 1920x1080 at up to 120 Hz, depending on the level of service requested and the constraints of the end user's PC and internet connection.

Want to play demanding games on your underpowered laptop or desktop PC? While numerous available filters and settings may help to add some flair to gameplay, there's also a colorblind mode created to help those with colorblindness better distinguish colors, and a night mode that cuts down on blue light to facilitate improved sleep.

eGPU - Added a pop-up balloon to alert the user if an eGPU has been connected or disconnected. An eGPU is an external graphics processing unit. Add in a colorblind mode to a game that lacks it?

Provides the optimal gaming experience for Fortnite, including support for ShadowPlay Highlights in Battle Royale mode.

[GeForce GTX 1080 Ti][TITAN X][TITAN Xp][Gamestream]: Artifacts appear when using Gamestream.

Graham Roberts sends message to Tottenham Hotspur ace Harry Kane on Twitter
Tottenham played out a 1-1 draw with West Ham United in their last home Premier League game before the FA Cup third round. This has left the visiting side in 21st-place in the league with 27 points, a point behind Oldham Athletic and safety.

Fixed error message when enabling stereoscopic 3D on notebooks with Fermi GPUs. Nvidia claims there are "a total of 15 filters with 38 different settings".

Issue: No display output when connecting Geforce GTX 780 Ti to the DisplayPort and two DVI monitors.

[GeForce TITAN (Kepler-based)]: The OS fails after installing the graphics card on a Threadripper enabled motherboard.

[Kepler GPUs][StarWars Battlefront II]: The system hangs when launching the game in DirectX 12 API mode.

Nvidia announces BFGD: swanky monitors with integrated Shield
The Nvidia BFGD is both, and it could be a big freaking deal for gamers who want the ultimate plus-size display. When you're not gaming, switch over to the integrated NVIDIA SHIELD , the world's most advanced streamer.

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