Published: Sun, January 07, 2018
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Teen preserves late grandmother's voice with soundwave tattoo

Teen preserves late grandmother's voice with soundwave tattoo

When she holds her phone to the tattoo, an app enables her to hear her grandmother's voice.

A Chicago singer honored her late grandmother in a unique way. Not only did she get the waveform tattooed on her skin, she can play the audio out loud via her smartphone anytime she needs to hear those comforting words from her loved one.

Sakyrah's collar bone
Girl gets voicemail tattoo in memory of late grandmother — and it can be played out loud

With an app, Sakyrah is able to scan the waveform of the voice recording and play it back using image recognition.

The message is a birthday wish from her grandmother, who died a month after leaving it in 2015.

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Sakyrah said she made a decision to get the tattoo after keeping hold of the voicemail for almost three years, following her grandmother's death.

"I waited until now because I was still at a young age once she passed away, which was in 2015", Angelique said in a story on BET News. I've held onto the voicemail for nearly three years now trying to figure out what I would do with it. "Her voice will forever be across my heart❤️❤️❤️ Big thank you to @s.ryder_tattoos for the tattoo".

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"She was the most awesome woman, always helping people in the community and making sure they were OK", says Sakyrah. Angelique's devotion to her grandmother is deeper than Skin Motion, just take a look at the location of the tattoo.

To make the sound wave tattoo, customers can upload an audio file of their choice to the Skin Motion website.

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One wrote: "This is precious, I'm actually tearing up".

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