Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
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Oh Sh**: Flight out of O'Hare International Airport makes unexpected landing

Oh Sh**: Flight out of O'Hare International Airport makes unexpected landing

According to KTVA-TV, United Airlines flight 895 had to make the emergency stop at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage on January 4.

Cops say the man wiped the excrement in along the walls in a couple of bathrooms before he then took off his shirt and attempted to stuff it into a toilet.

Most pointed reaction by Khawaja Asif to Trump tweet
Pakistan needs to "earn, essentially, the money that we have provided in the past in foreign military assistance", she said. Pakistan , said the sources, would not accept any demands to do more, and could stop all kinds of cooperation with the U.S.

In a statement to the Washington Post, United said the flight made the unscheduled stop because of "a disruptive passenger".

An global United Airlines flight was diverted and forced to land Thursday night after a passenger reportedly smeared feces on the walls of multiple airplane bathrooms. The cleaning process, however, forced each of the flight's passengers to spend the night in Alaska. The diversion came as a result of a man defecated and made a mess in two of the plane's lavatories.

China tightens North Korea trade limits under UN sanctions
Crude oil and refined petroleum supplies will be also capped, in accordance with the restrictions imposed earlier by the UN. Beijing said it will limit exports of crude oil and refined petroleum to the North.

Airport Operations said the Boeing 777 was grounded overnight for maintenance. The man was not arrested, but was taken to a nearby hospital to undergo a mental evaluation. Passengers on the plane were put up in hotels, and the airline said it was working to get them to their final destination.

Amazon Reportedly Planning To Bid For English Premier League Streaming Rights
Some observers are sceptical about the likelihood of a bid for Premier League football, however. In April, Amazon acquired the streaming rights to ten NFL Thursday Night Football games.

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