Published: Fri, January 05, 2018
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

North Korea Mistakenly Bombed Own City During Failed Missile Test

North Korea Mistakenly Bombed Own City During Failed Missile Test

During its third test, the missile failed once again, reportedly because its first-stage engines failed.But what made matters worse was the fact that the missile crashed into a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings in the city of Tokchon in North Korea, not far from the capital, Pyongyang.

One of North Korea's test ballistic missiles a year ago crashed in a city not far from Pyongyang, according to new findings by online news magazine The Diplomat.

Updated | North Korea's pursuit of a missile capable of reaching the US caused accidents along the way, The Diplomat reported Wednesday, referring to a missile test failure in April 2017.

The missile didn't fly higher than 70 kilometers, or about 43 miles, and it crash-landed dangerously close to a highly populated town.

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A U.S. government source told the site the rocket failed one minute after it was launched and came crashing down "causing considerable damage to a complex of industrial or agricultural buildings".

A Google image of the site where The Diplomat says a failed missile came crashing to earth.

A ground-to-ground intermediate-range strategic ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 is test-launched at an undisclosed location, according to this photo released on May 15, 2017, by North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

"However, as the Google Earth imagery of the incident demonstrates, the Tokchon facility is located adjacent to what appear to be residential and commercial buildings". And there has been times they have done it from heavily populated regions.

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Observers are also anxious that neighboring countries may regard it as an act of provocation or war should North Korean missiles and rockets veer off course and hit unintended foreign targets in South Korea, Japan or even China.

Using mobile missile launchers, which sometimes even have treads like a tank, North Korea showed in 2017 it could launch from virtually anywhere within its borders.

Those images showed Kim Jong Un inspecting the sites of three failed April Hwasong-12 launches, and included the key launch from Pukchang Airfield.

Kim announced his reclusive nation had become a "full nuclear state" in November following the successful launch of his most powerful rocket. It is believed that the success of the missile paved way for Hwasong-14/KN20 intercontinental-range ballistic missile (ICBM), unveiled by North Korea a year ago.

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The global community is still unaware exactly what caused a massive explosion that devastated the city of Ryongchong in 2004, soon after then-North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il had passed through in his personal train.

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