Published: Thu, December 28, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

'Gaming disorder' to be recognized as mental health condition

'Gaming disorder' to be recognized as mental health condition

The ICD-11, which contains medical coding to classify diseases, will have Gaming Disorder listed under "Disorders due to substance use or addictive behaviors" in the Mental Disorders section of the diagnostic manual.

Now, not all who enjoy video games have gaming disorder, explained Daphne Bavelier, a professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

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And, the continuation and escalation of gaming continues even after you suffer negative consequences like getting fired for playing on company time or you keep losing relationships because you just aren't present. Video gaming will be in the International Classification of Diseases Manual.

People who play video games excessively may soon find themselves diagnosed with a mental health condition.

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There are many other studies leading up to the ICD-11 classification of gaming disorder that demonstrates a correlation between high-frequency of video gaming behavior, impulsivity, and attention problems.

Gaming only becomes a problem if it impairs a person's personal, social, educational, and other aspects of life. It does not recommend a specific treatment either. At that time, people spent 6.3 hours per week playing video games. Majority think that this is not a problem, but healthcare professionals and insurance companies will recognize this as a disorder.

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