Published: Wed, December 27, 2017
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Woman hit with $284 billion electric bill

Woman hit with $284 billion electric bill

According to the Erie Times-News, Pennsylvania resident Mary Horomanski saw her electric bill earlier this month was for $284 billion. She suspected that her family had put up their Christmas lights wrong.

Horomanski first thought her holiday decorations were responsible for all the extra zeroes.

The company told her that she had until November 2018 to pay that amount, which, while a lot less than the initial billions, is still a bit larger than usual.

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Her son took the matter up with the electricity providers, who later confirmed that there indeed was an error in the monthly statement.

Horomanski's son called Penelec and the bill was fixed, the Erie Times-News reported.

Mark Durbin, a spokesman for Penelec's parent company, says obviously a decimal point was accidentally moved, but he doesn't know exactly what caused the error. Her new amount was quickly corrected to $284.46. "We appreciate the customer's willingness to reach out to us about the mistake".

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As for Horomanski, she just got an idea for a new Christmas present from her son - a new heart monitor.

After speaking with her son, who promptly contacted the utility company, she learned that the entire episode had thankfully been nothing more than a weird error. "I opened it up and there it was", she told the Washington Post.

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