Published: Sat, December 16, 2017
Industry | By Dora Warner

This Could Be Vivo's In Display Fingerprint Sensor Equipped Smartphone

This Could Be Vivo's In Display Fingerprint Sensor Equipped Smartphone

It is very intriguing as efforts were being made since very long to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the display and no one had ever imagined that Vivo will be the first to introduce the technology.

Earlier this week, Synaptics Inc. had announced that it has started mass production with top five OEMs of its first optical in-display fingerprint sensors.Dubbed Clear ID FS9500, the optical fingerprint sensors deliver one-touch high-resolution scanning through full cover glass enabling sleek, button-free, bezel-free infinity displays.

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Moorehead saw a pre-production phone with the tech and said the sensor was "fast and simple".

Clear ID utilizes an image sensor to scan fingerprints illuminated by the phone's OLED display, which is quite different from the capacitive scanners seen in most modern smartphones, that operate through electrical charges. In order to initialize it, Moorhead needed to press the right side button to wake the handset, bringing up a fingerprint illumination at the bottom of the screen. Synaptics claims that its in-house technology is as faster alternative biometrics such as 3D facial recognition like Apple's Face ID and is highly secured. Manufacturers like Apple are instead going with fingerprint sensor, while others like Samsung and OnePlus have moved it to the back of the smartphone - not the most convenient location. Samsung is also rumoured to be working on adding the same feature. The company was ranked fifth in IDC's Q1 2017 report, as pointed out by The Verge.

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The Vivo announcement is a surprise for another reason, too: When Qualcomm announced that it had developed pioneering in-display fingerprint sensor technology at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, it showcased the technology in a modified Vivo device.

Synaptics says that it plans to ship a total 70 million units of its in-display fingerprint scanner in 2018. With that, it announced that the mass production is happening for one of the top smartphones manufactures in the world. Considering the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the tech giant's partnership with Synaptics before, Samsung seems to be the prime candidate to receive them under the display fingerprint sensor.

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