Published: Mon, December 11, 2017
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

Kids Say The Darndest Things About Politics, Sexual Harassment, On "SNL"

Kids Say The Darndest Things About Politics, Sexual Harassment, On

A child named Tyler asks Santa for a Megablox dinosaur, laser tag and also: "What did Al Franken do?".

He groused that Al Franken had quit the Senate due to claims of sexual harassment, 'and yet uncle Bad Touch is up four points in Alabama'. Then, when he found out Franken had earned himself a spot on Santa's naughty list, he continued, "And what about Roy Mooore, which list is he on?"

Co-host Michael Che called out the Democrats" attempt to "paint itself the "party of the moral high ground'" by forcing Franken to step down from the Senate amid the sexual misconduct allegations, compared to the GOP's embrace of senatorial candidate Roy Moore despite his alleged past sexual misconduct. "Which list is he on?"

'Well it's not really a list, it's more of a registry, ' quipped Santa's elf, played by Kate McKinnon.

As Santa shoos the boy away, hoping for a reprieve from the tough questions, a young girl steps up.

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Jessica wants to follow-up on Tyler's question.

The next kid, Jessica, wanted to know if Trump was also on Santa's naughty list.

Kenan Thompson played a tired mall Santa in the sketch, fielding questions from a line of eager children bringing him their Christmas wishes. "Nineteen accusers. Google it".

"We sure can!" the girl replies cheerfully.

"I learned that if you admit you did something wrong, you get in trouble", the little girl said.

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Thompson tried to pivot the conversation by looking for a positive lesson in all of the news about men accused of sexual assault.

Steve Martin, Seth Rogen, and Jonah Hill also crashed Franco's opening monologue, and "Weekend Update" addressed Trump moving the USA embassy and the allegations against Moore and Franken.

As the cold open came to a close, one child said, "Santa, I don't want any gifts this year".

While Amy the elf does her best to reassure a concerned Jenny - the last child to visit mall Santa - that everything will be okay (in three years, 42 days and 24 minutes), Jenny wagers that she'll have a plan if things don't work out.

"Okay, good", Jenny said. "Like truly mind-bendingly insane, and we seem to have lost all perspective on what's naughty or nice", she said.

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"I know", the girl replied. "But most people in America are good people".

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