Published: Mon, December 11, 2017
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Bigg Boss 11 Day 69 - 9 December 2017 Full Episode Details

Bigg Boss 11 Day 69 - 9 December 2017 Full Episode Details

And Hiten had lied to her and told her that he had tried to save her. Arshi felt completely betrayed when she heard this, and the truth came out only because the caller of the week revealed it. Arshi also found out that Vikas and Shilpa were aware of this truth the whole time.

Hiten and Akash are good friends in the house, but some time ago the former had lashed out at him.

She even called Shilpa "Wahiyat aurat" in front of her mother.

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Bigg Boss 11 witnessed some amusing moments when Fukrey Returns star cast paid a visit to the house and made the contestants do some weird things.

Soon after, television actor, Karan Patel enters the house to give the contestants a piece of his mind as they are in freeze position. He asks Priyank to stop backbiting Hina.

When Shilpa's mother was meeting the housemates, Arshi didn't even greet her and chose to sit in the corner. He then advises Hina to fight with combat and should not discuss other actors inside the house because he is talking about everything outside the house. But what is more surprising is that Arshi tells Salman that he is turning a blind eye on Shilpa's behavior. But Arshi has no regrets and doesn't care about it. As part of one such acts, Hiten Tejwani got a chance to take revenge against Akash Dadlani by applying boot polish on the latter's bald head. Hina then suggests to Arshi that she can either be friends with Shilpa or avoid her altogether like the way she does, and Arshi wants to take Hina's route.

Tripe H and Jinder Mahal Battle in India
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Ex-seasons'contestants, Karishma Tanna (season 8) and Rohan Mehra (season 10) will enter the Bigg Boss house and get totally nostalgic remembering their seasons. She also tells Hina that each and every person from the other team will have to personally convince her to not nominate them. He praises the development for being a mastermind and says to the sky that he is now confused and he first likes the sky. This is exactly what Gauri had told him.

We will see Karan accusing Hina of pretending to be innocent all the time. Salman cleverly changes the topic and ends the segment. Gauri, too, comes back and Hiten gives them a tour of the house. Salman concludes the episode by asking everyone to not trouble their mother because it's his mother's birthday.

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