Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Theresa May and the European Union 'have agreed 90% of Britain's Brexit deal'

Theresa May and the European Union 'have agreed 90% of Britain's Brexit deal'

The proportion who think ministers are handling Brexit negotiations badly has risen from 41 to 61 per cent, while the number passing the same verdict on the EU's negotiators has gone up from 47 to 57 per cent.

Time to reach an agreement between the European Union and Britain on divorce terms is getting very short, but a deal that would unblock talks on a future trade agreement is still possible by next week, the chairman of EU leaders said.

The EU has said it will allow negotiations on the Britain's future trade relations with the EU to begin only when there has been sufficient progress on these separation issues.

The prime minister has until the end of this week to organise an agreement.

"Despite our best was not possible to reach a complete agreement today", Juncker said at a joint news conference with May, adding that she was a "tough negotiator".

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The EU is in despair over Theresa May's failure to agree on a Brexit divorce agreement, with there being less than a week left to salvage a deal.

But he said voters on either side of the argument have become steadily more critical of how negotiations are being handled and more pessimistic about the consequences of Brexit. If talks on Monday go well then European Union leaders could give a green light to trade talks at their summit on December 14-15.

It is expected that next week at the summit, European Union leaders must agree on basic principles for the second phase of negotiations on Brexit if there was sufficient progress in the rights of citizens of the Irish border and financial settlements.

Brussels is concerned that the adoption by Northern Ireland of different regulations on issues like food safety, environmental health and workers' rights would make border checks necessary, in order to prevent goods which do not meet EU standards being brought into the bloc, potentially undercutting European rivals.

Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party-which has held the balance of power in the British parliament since May's disastrous showing in elections earlier this year-said they rejected the deal despite a desperate telephone call from the British premier.

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The paper says Mrs May could "open a Pandora's box" of demands from Scotland, Wales and London that could "lead to the disintegration of the United Kingdom".

He said: "We stand ready here in the commission to resume talks with the United Kingdom at any moment in time when we get the sign that London is ready".

"Hopefully we'll find a way forward today", he said.

The lack of progress so far has raised concerns that Britain may not have a deal by the time it officially leaves on March 29, 2019, and heightened fears that May's government could collapse.

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