Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

The viral challenge that people are falling over themselves to try

The viral challenge that people are falling over themselves to try

A brand new day, a brand new social media challenge, but we have to say, this one is pretty cool and it's now taking the Internet by storm.

However, it was the video posted by Ariel Olivar, a cheerleader for Manval High School in southeastern Texas, which really got the proverbial ball rolling.

"Challenge accepted", she captioned the clip, which has garnered almost 220,000 likes and over 112,000 retweets in the two days since it was posted.

It's a challenge people seem determined to nail down, as the Internet shows.

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Others hilariously fail, tripping over their own feet or even falling to the ground.

'The video was my third time trying it.

"I started by putting a stuffed animal on the floor and "stepping on it" without actually putting my weight on it", he said.

'It is actually kind of challenging keeping it there.

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While we sit and watch that video on loop, there were several others who shared their failed attempts to the challenge and honestly, they are hilarious.

It appears that fitness is a key ingredient in beating the challenge, according to Men's Health fitness editor Ebenezer Samuel.

The leg that is stepping on the box uses a great deal of hip flexor, glute and core stability.

If you thought walking on air wasn't humanly possible, the latest fad to sweep the internet will make you think otherwise. It's basic mime, but it's impressive enough to have inspired thousands of less agile challengers to share their own attempts (warning: you may fall on your face).

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There was a mannequin challenge, cinnamon challenge and the ice-bucket challenge.

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