Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

50 injured after passenger train hits freight train in Germany

50 injured after passenger train hits freight train in Germany

Meanwhile German Rail has said 20 people were injured in the accident, reports RP Online. The collision took place outside the town of Meerbusch, near Dusseldorf Germany. At the time of the crash there were 155 people.

A passenger and a freight train collided in Meerbusch in western Germany.

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An estimated 50 people have been injured after a passenger train and freight train smashed into each other. However, the authorities later clarified just 5 people were injured.

A photo tweeted by the Meerbusch fire department showed the passenger train partially derailed but still upright.

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None of the injuries are reportedly life-threatening while the cause of the accident is still unclear.

A police spokesman told BILD: "Currently we cannot say how many injured it is". "The rescue services on the ground have the situation under control". We bring you the images from the scene. According to reports, the cargo train was stationary when the commuter train rammed into it.

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