Published: Wed, December 06, 2017
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IPhone X, unlocked and SIM-free, arrives in US

IPhone X, unlocked and SIM-free, arrives in US

Shipping times that originally were estimated at 5 to 6 weeks have now shrunk down to just one week from the time an order is placed. Those of you in Australia can get the same delivery date, again SIM-free, but the fact that the deal has now arrived in the USA as well is significant. This version gives the freedom of activating the phone at any local or global carrier by simply getting a SIM card from your desired operator. In addition, you are not tied to any particular carrier, and are free to jump from carrier to carrier if you choose.

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Head on over to Apple's website, then click Buy on the iPhone X page (similar to how you'd purchase a carrier-locked variant of the phone).

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Apple on Tuesday began offering an unlocked (SIM-free) variant of its high-end iPhone X flagship to USA customers online and in-store.

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Apple is now offering the unlocked, SIM-free version of its anniversary phone to fans in the United States who haven't decided on a carrier - but there's still a one-month waiting period. However, you can purchase the smartphone using 24-month special financing direct from Apple. The unlocked version of the handset, which starts at $999, was previously only available if you bought it through Verizon or Best Buy, which charged a $100 premium over financed carrier versions of the phone until consumer backlash pushed the retailer to pull the product entirely.

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