Published: Sat, December 02, 2017
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Watch 2 insane wingsuit flyers land into a moving plane

Watch 2 insane wingsuit flyers land into a moving plane

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, known as the Soul Flyers, caught up with and flew into a plane in mid-air.

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet took more than 100 practice flights to ideal the hazardous stunt with pilot Philippe Bouvier and co-ordinator and navigator Yves Rossy.

The fliers prepared themselves at the top of Switzerland's Jungfrau mountain and jumped off at Rossy's command.

Treatment cuts migraine days by half
Pharmaceutical company Novartis, which makes the drug, has now applied for a medical license in the United States and Europe. Lipton noted that there has been a "staggering record of success" in regards to the monoclonal antibody class of medicines .

The daring Red Bull wingsuit pilots leap from the top of a mountain with the ultimate goal of landing in the open door of a mid-air plane.

The Pilatus Porter light aircraft was expertly flown by experienced pilot Philippe Bouvier and navigated by project coordinator Yves "Jetman" Rossy.

The pair are able to "fly" through the alpine sky with the help of their wingsuits, losing just a couple of metres of altitude per second.

Bette Midler: Geraldo Rivera 'has yet to apologize' to me
Rivera defended Lauer as a "great guy, highly skilled & empathetic w guests & a real gentleman to my family & me". Fox News Channel, which now employs Rivera but didn't in the '70s, didn't immediately comment on Midler's post .

Reffet, 33, said: "The conditions were flawless and we were well prepared, but it was still an incredibly hard challenge". Going up to 4,000 meters, it physically costs a lot.

This was a homage to a BASE-jumper called Patrick de Gayardon, who jumped out of a plane and then flew back into it in 1997, according to CNET. "It is a huge achievement".

Robots May Replace Up To 800 Million Jobs By 2030, Report Says
This is because of difficulty in automating them and lower wages that make investment in machines less compelling, according to the report.

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