Published: Thu, November 30, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Waze Adds Voice Commands, Motorcycle Mode, Carpool Lanes

Waze Adds Voice Commands, Motorcycle Mode, Carpool Lanes

You can start navigation, send a report, add a stop, and more all by voice.

The new support for "motorcycle mode" is a way to get routing that provides optimized driving directions based on actual motorcyclists experience, with improved ETAs and potential guidance using roads where cars can't go, where legally applicable.

In a company blog post, Waze wrote that the three new additions were the features most requested by Waze users.

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Google bought Waze about four years ago, and since then, there haven't been a lot of major upgrades to the navigation apps. Being added to the existing list of Private and Taxi, this new option will allow two-wheeled vehicle riders to access specialized routes, more accurate arrival times, and more.

Waze knows not all routes are equal when you're driving a motorcycle, which is why it now offers a motorcycle vehicle type. To Waze on a motorbike, go to Settings Vehicle Type Motorcycles in your app. The second big feature is called "Talk to Waze" and it looks to expand the voice commands that were already present in the Waze app. Not only is it convenient, it's safer, allowing you to stay focused on the road ahead.

Check out Waze now for more information about its latest update. Simply turn on Talk to Waze in the Sound and Voice settings menu and then say "OK Waze" to begin talking.

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The company said that the addition of carpool lane support makes Waze the first navigation app to support them.

The Waze voice commands are already available in English for users in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. These settings will vary by city, but you can tell the app if you've got an eligible fuel-efficient vehicle or if you have a carpool.

If you're riding with several people in the vehicle, head to Settings, tap Navigation, tap Add Toll/HOV pass, and select from a list of HOV passes in your area. Thanks to the work of many in the Map Editor Community, HOV route support is open to residents of 22 USA states, including California, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, and more.

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