Published: Wed, November 29, 2017
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Epic Games Suing 14-Year-Old Boy for Cheating in Fortnite

Epic Games Suing 14-Year-Old Boy for Cheating in Fortnite

Caleb's mom was not having any of that, and in a law-savvy turn of events, she filed a counterclaim in court defending her son against the Fortnite creators.

Furthermore, the woman says that Fortnite's terms and conditions require parental consent, which she never gave, and that these norms are not legally binding as posed by Epic Games to new players. "Epic Games in complete violation of this".

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Epic Games took cheating punishment a step further than usual in October when it not only banned two Fortnite Battle Royale players for cheating but made a decision to sue them. Epic makes a teenager "scapegoat", because it is not able to cope with cheaters. Further she claims that because Fortnite is free to play, there is no license agreement between Epic and the players because no purchase occurred, establishing a contract between licensor and purchaser.

'It is my belief that due to their lack of ability to curve cheat codes and others from modifying their game they are using a 14 year old child as a scapegoat to make an example of him'. The move didn't sit well with Epic, especially once the teen started streaming his matches using the cheats, broadcasting what he was using, and then asking for donations. Best to focus on the people actually making and profiting from cheats (which Epic is also doing). Her argument boils down to the fact that her son did not develop the cheats, nor did he distribute them. Almost every piece of technology, including both hardware and software, carries with it some type of murky agreement regulating the behavior of consumers, whether it's to prevent them from modding a video game, jailbreaking a smartphone, or using a product in some way its creators never intended.

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Despite this, Epic has responded saying that the lawsuit is about the boy promoting the use of cheats on YouTube and refusing to take down the video which they say is essentially a how-to guide for other players to learn how to cheat themselves. We agree to these contracts without reading them or even understanding what types of behavior scale from prohibited to illegal. Not only were the pair accused of using paid "aimbot" software, but they also allegedly offered support for the service and helped stream snipe popular Twitch broadcasters, a practice that has recently seen a lot of PUBG players banned. But these hacks do have a harmful effect on an online game community by undermining the integrity of a title's fair and level playing field.

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