Published: Tue, November 28, 2017
Health Care | By Oscar Goodwin

5kg of metal found in man's stomach

5kg of metal found in man's stomach

The patient, Maksud Khan, is thought to have mental health problems, and didn't tell his friends or family about his unusual eating behavior.

The doctors said that Khan was treated for six months in Satna before he was taken to the hospital in Rewa.

The surgeons at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in India then made a decision to operate the man and remove the foreign objects weighing about 7 kg in all.

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Priyank Sharma, who led the surgical team, told International Business Times, "We were shocked to discover coins, nails and nut-bolts in his stomach".

"Doctors removed 10-12 razors, four large needles, chains, 263 coins, and glass pieces - collectively weighing five kilograms, from Maqsood's stomach on Friday", says Dr. Sharma, as quoted from the Deccan Chronicle, Monday (11/27). This is the first time the doctors had seen such a case in their careers, Sharma said. Doctors said that he looks mentally unstable. "Usually, people start eating abnormal things under certain psychological conditions. He had been eating metal for a year yet did not tell anybody", A.P.S. Geharwar, head of surgery, told Times of India.

"He can not be said to be out of danger yet, but he is stable", Geharwar said regarding the condition of the man. He worked as a driver and would often swallow his pay.

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Relatives said he had slipped into a depression and might have got hooked onto eating metal objects.

Amazingly, the coins and nails never caused any pain or problem initially. He had been complaining of stomach ache for nearly three months. They had pierced the stomach and caused internal bleeding, but the doctors intervened just in time to prevent the case from getting worse.

Specialists said Khan was in stable condition, with no enduring harm to his inner organs and a guarantee from Khan that he wouldn't do it once more.

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