Published: Tue, November 21, 2017
Markets | By Noel Gibbs

Shell collaborates on biofuel to help power London buses

Shell collaborates on biofuel to help power London buses

British startup bio-bean has partnered with Shell and Argent Energy to create a coffee-based biofuel that will be used in London's diesel buses.

It collects waste grounds from coffee shops, offices and factories, saving 6.8 tonnes of Carbon dioxide emissions for every tonne recycled.

The average Londoner drinks 2.3 cups of coffee a day, according to Tassimo, which is said to produce over 200,000 tonnes of waste a year.

The operator of the public transport system in the British capital, Transport for London have been looking for the opportunity to move to a less environmentally harmful fuel.

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Oil giant, Shell has announced that it is working in collaboration with bio-bean and the coffee drinkers of London to power some of the city's buses.

Biofuels made using waste products are already used to power many of London's buses.

B20 biodiesel with a 20% bio-component that contains part coffee oil is being added to the London bus fuel supply chain, the companies said.

In order to produce B20, Bio-bean collected some of these waste coffee grounds from high street chains and factories, which were dried and processed before coffee oil was extracted. This coffee oil is then mixed with mineral diesel to create the biofuel for London's buses. With some help from Shell, the company has so far produced enough coffee-derived biofuel to run one double-decker bus for a full year.

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"A good idea can come from anywhere, but with the scale and commitment of Shell, we can help enable true progress", said Lynch in a company statement.

Londoners consume upward of 20 million cups of coffee per day, which the partnership estimates would be enough to power a third of London's transport network.

The company also sells "coffee logs", which are used in fireplaces and stoves as an alternative to wooden logs.

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