Published: Sun, November 19, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

More than 30 Lubbock county children find forever homes on Adoption Day

More than 30 Lubbock county children find forever homes on Adoption Day

National Adoption Month brings awareness each November to the needs of children and youth waiting for their permanent families.

"For us to be able to not only help grow our family through adoption but to do it on such a special day has been really special to us", said Leah Lunsford, a mother who finalized the adoption of her 13-year-old son Demaun on Friday.

Kymerea says she's looking forward to making more memories with her official new family.

"All of those are descriptors of children that I, personally, have also heard described as 'unadoptable.' In 2017 and in the future, we will describe those children as just that: CHILDREN- children who deserve families, roots, connections and love- forever families!" "Our goal is to have every child partnered with a CASA volunteer and ultimately be reunited with their family or, if that is not an option, adopted into a loving home where they can thrive".

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One Orlando family will need a lot of space, since it has gown six to nine children.

"You can't take the puppy back to the pound", Harris said metaphorically, "but it's just like having your own kids".

Possibly the largest family represented Friday belongs to Bonnie and William Pitman, who added Bradley, 4, to their already sizable family of 19 children - both adopted and biological.

She got her wish four years later, after her brother had been living with her as a foster child for almost a year.

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All of these families have adopted out of the foster care system.

"Lucy came to us as foster parents, and ... she was my daughter instantly", Russ Eyer said. The events are held just before Thanksgiving each year to provide more families the opportunity to celebrate as an official family during their upcoming holiday celebrations. "You should not allow the state to raise children until they're 18 years old".

She "looked at the kids and what made sense for them and the decisions became more clear", said Brody, the acting regional director of DCF's northern regional office.

"There's nothing that can stop her doing what she wants to do", said Emma's new mom, who is a nurse by profession.

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MA has more than 9,600 children now in foster care. "We need more foster parents".

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