Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
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Russia's RT registers as 'foreign agent' in U.S.: editor

Russia's RT registers as 'foreign agent' in U.S.: editor

"No, the criteria used in the bill [for identifying foreign agents] are having foreign owners among the company's shareholders or any money transfers from a foreign state or foreign state agencies - even when this happens through an intermediary company registered in Russian Federation", the lawmaker said, noting that the list of the criteria can still be expanded.

The Kremlin-funded TV channel, RT America, says it will comply with a demand by the USA government to register as a foreign agent with the Department of Justice.

The DOJ's registration request has prompted Russian officials to retaliate by threatening to enforce harsher restrictions against American news organizations operating in Russia, especially government-funded outlets such as Radio Free Europe and its television sister network Current Time.

The registration comes after months of back-and-forth between RT and the Justice Department.

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And Otsuka is aware that Abilify MyCite is a more complicated product than the usual pill, and it'll be more hard to market, too. Otsuka collaborated with Proteus Digital Health , the Silicon Valley company that designed the futuristic sensor technology.

Russian state-funded TV channel RT has registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent after pressure from the US government, documents released Monday show.

The 1938 law, created to target Nazi propaganda, has been the driving force behind escalating U.S. -Russia tensions in recent weeks. The Justice Department said Monday it is reviewing the filing for "sufficiency".

The Russian ambassador to the USA had kind words to share with the Kremlin-backed outlet. "So we congratulate the U.S.' freedom of speech and everyone who still believes in it".

T&R confirms in the paperwork that ANO TV-Novosti is financed by a foreign entity, but the production company also said on the forms that it was not "sufficiently aware" of who controls or funds the NGO.

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In January, the RT was singled out by US intelligence community for the impact it may have on the election.

The U.S. intelligence agencies have alleged RT served as a propaganda outlet for the Kremlin as part of its multi-pronged effort to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

A senior lawmaker from the ruling United Russia party, Andrei Isayev, said on November 13 that Radio/Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Voice of America (VOA), CNN, and German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle were among media organizations that could be declared foreign agents in Russia once the legislation is in place.

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