Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
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Facing Historic Reddit Backlash, EA Cuts Cost of Star Wars Hero Unlocks

Facing Historic Reddit Backlash, EA Cuts Cost of Star Wars Hero Unlocks

In an official post on the game's website, Executive Producer at DICE, John Wasilczyk gave an update on how much Heroes will cost in the game.

Even 300,000 downvotes isn't enough to get EA to change while players-including the big spenders that the game industry calls "whales"-are still pouring money into the game".

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will now cost 15,000 credits each, while Leia, Chewie and the Emperor are 10,000 credits each, and Battlefront II's homegrown hero Iden Versio is 5,000 credits.

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It's unclear whether the decision by several advertisers to pull their ads will result in any serious repercussions for the show. "We worked with our media partner and FOX news to stop our ad from airing during the Sean Hannity Show", Keurig responded.

Yesterday, someone representing EA's community management team responded to the Reddit thread by thanking the community for the feedback and explaining that "the intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes".

Rather than changing the game to address players' complaints, though, EA posted a defense of the 40-hour requirement on Reddit.

In response to this, EA released a statement on Reddit-and it didn't go well, reportedly becoming the most-downvoted comment in the history of Reddit with more than 433,000 downvotes.

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He was released under his own recognizance and given a November 28 court date, according to the sheriff's office. The Chiefs signed him on August 2. "We are still in the process of gathering details on the situation".

Having paid full price for the game, some of the major characters would be locked off from the players, until they completed a certain number of hours, earning up an amount of in-game currency, which they could then use to pay to get the locked off characters unlocked. As such, not only are such loot boxes an off-putting method of getting us to spend more cash on games, but in cases such as Battlefront 2 they represent a terminal flaw from a game design standpoint, too. It let players fly X-wing fighters, mow down rebels while driving Imperial Walkers, and even wield lightsabers while playing as characters such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker from the original movie trilogy. We're making the changes to the credit levels for unlocking heroes and we're going to keep making changes to improve the game experience over time. DLC is game content that is not sold with the game but which players can purchase for extra money after the game's release. While this may help gamers to make up their mind about the game, personally I'm most interested in the game's campaign.

EA concluded by saying it "will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback", and it's already delivered - a new post confirms that the characters' costs will be reduced by 75%.

Of course, this won't be the last that we hear of Battlefront 2's loot boxes. One EA developer, whose tweets are now protected, said that they had received multiple death threats over the way microtransactions work in Battlefront II. "And we are engaged in that conversation, engaging with our players on a daily basis as we think about that".

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