Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

First official photo of the new 'Doctor Who' Jodie Whittaker

First official photo of the new 'Doctor Who' Jodie Whittaker

Steven Moffat, a runner on "Doctor Who" recently revealed that he has seen Jodie Whittaker's debut in the iconic title role, and hailed her first appearance as "brilliant".

Fans have already started dissecting the look - which also features a rainbow-stripe trim to the pale-coloured coat. Does the TARDIS wardrobe get raided again in a post-regeneration flurry of activity? This took the internet by storm with tons of shows of approval came from the Whovian community, and now the internet is going wild again as the first image of Whittaker in her new World Health Organization duds is making the rounds. Digital editor, social media director, educator. So when Jodie Whittaker makes her debut as the Thirteenth Doctor next month, she'll literally be wearing Peter Capaldi's pants. This is a really exciting time and Doctor Who represents everything that's exciting about change. Whittaker will be taking over the part of the Doctor from Peter Capaldi, who confirmed in January 2017 that the tenth series would be his last.

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The coat lining matching the graphic on the shirt is a lovely touch, but this is a very interesting look for a new Doctor.

The new Doctor Who has a new look.

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Wage dynamics are still constrained and inflation dampened because of slow productivity growth and a slack in the labour market. Despite the pick up in growth, Europe's unemployment rate is expected to be 8.5% next year - double the rate in the UK.

There appear to be references to previous incarnations of the Time Lord in the outfit.

Whittaker will be accompanied by series regulars Bradley Walsh as Graham, Tosin Cole as Ryan and Mandip Gill as Yasmin. What do you think of the new Doctor's get-up (I'm admittedly torn on the suspenders, but I'm willing to set aside those misgivings for the time being)?

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