Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Facebook appeals for nude photos in battle against revenge porn

Facebook appeals for nude photos in battle against revenge porn

Facebook is taking a rather interesting approach to combating "revenge porn" in Australia - by asking Australian Facebook users to send them nudes. The social media platform wants its members to preemptively upload their nude and intimate pictures to Facebook for safe-keeping.

In the Australian pilot, users must first complete an online form on the e-safety commissioner's website outlining their concerns. If your nude photo ends up on Facebook where anyone can see and grab it, even if law enforcement catches the person responsible, the damage will continue. Facebook then assigns that photo with a digital fingerprint called a "hash", that allows it to identify it and keep it from being posted instantly.

Once the image is sent through Messenger, Facebook would "hash" it, meaning that it would use technology to create a digital fingerprint or link. Consequently, Facebook stores the image for a short amount of time before deleting it, Facebook confirmed. You just have to send your nudes to Facebook first.

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But the real question is - who is ready to share their nudes with Facebook?

During the trial, those anxious about their images being posted as revenge porn have to contact Australia's e-Safety commissioner through an online form, which may then suggest providing them to Facebook. "My specialty is digital forensics and I literally recover deleted images from computer systems all day - off disk and out of system memory".

The company is testing a new feature that will enable users to upload their own illicit images so that they can be quickly flagged up. The answer is-revenge porn.

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Roughly 4% of USA internet users have been victims of revenge porn, according to a 2016 report from the Data & Society Research Institute.

Earlier this year, lawyer Daniel Szalkiewicz criticized social networks, and in particular Facebook, for having "broken" revenge porn policies.

"With its billions of users, Facebook is one place where many offenders aggress because they can maximize the harm by broadcasting the nonconsensual porn to those most close to the victim".

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"Conceptually the idea has merit but it would work better if the user was provided a self-service tool to accomplish the task and upload the file up to a Facebook portal", One Identity EMEA director, Andrew Clarke told Infosecurity.

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