Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
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Epic Game: Fortnite Has Passed 20 Million Players Milestone

Epic Game: Fortnite Has Passed 20 Million Players Milestone

Also of note is that Fortnite announced the game had surpassed 20 million players over the weekend - a not insignificant feat considering the arguably current leader of the genre PUBG only themselves announced yesterday that they'd just hit a similar milestone.

For those keeping score, the game crossed 16 million in mid-October, 13 million in late September, and 10 million earlier that same month. Given the higher barrier for entry, PUBG amassing 20 million players is a much more impressive (and lucrative) accomplishment.

Syria Signals It Will Sign Paris Climate Deal, Leaving US Alone
The US will soon become the only country that opposes the global landmark climate change accord known as the Paris Agreement. President Trump announced in June he would be withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement, calling it "unfair".

PlayerUnknown himself is also aware of the several issues players have been having, and vowed to address the frustration that's been plaguing people over the last few months. Of course, PUBG will soon eliminate that edge, as the game's publishers recently announced the game will hit Xbox One on December 12.

The new Fortnite update was launched today by Epic Games and took a little while to be deployed. Either way, it's an important milestone in the game's tenure, especially since Fortnite: Battle Royale just celebrated its 20 million unique players mark.

Taylor Swift Threatens to Sue Writer of Negative Article, ACLU Responds
A day after the piece went live, Taylor Swift's legal team threatened to sue PopFront if it failed to take down Herning's article. The organization reviewed the situation, determined the author did nothing legally wrong, and sent back their own note .

Kang's talk, which spans both the Business & Marketing and Advocacy tracks of talks at GDC 2018, will be all about how the PUBG team began interacting with a small community since its pre-alpha test, and what community activities and programs were executed to drive growth of the community during its first and second alpha test through Early Access. In English, the closest thing to PUBG is probably Guns Royale [Free], but in China a game titled 荒野行动 which translates roughly to "Wilderness Survival" has stolen the top spots from Arena of Valor- A massive feat, considering Arena of Valor is so huge that it has drawn the ire of the Chinese government.

Alcohol Linked to Several Types of Cancer — ASCO
The doctors say there is a need for public education about drinking and cancer risks, especially among general practitioners who may lack knowledge about the link.

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