Published: Thu, November 09, 2017
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Coding error potentially wipes $280m worth of Ethereum

Coding error potentially wipes $280m worth of Ethereum

Multi-signature wallets have cryptographic security measures that require multiple users to sign a transaction in order for it to be processed and approved-an approach that allows for escrow contracts to control payments from accounts belonging to a group.

On GitHub, a user going by the nickname of Devops199 took credit for discovering and accidentally triggering the bug.

Now Parity Ethereum Wallet is in news for all wrong reasons as a technical bug has hit the wallet because of possible programming blunder that has approximately frozen 500k ETH permanently in all parity multi-signature wallet which has restricted the users of this wallet to no longer use their ether, this might affect Ethereum and damage its reputation which claimed Ethereum has been programmed without any possibility of downtime, fraud and third party interference.

Niantic is reportedly building an augmented reality Harry Potter game
Rowling's Wizarding World is coming soon!" To sign-up to be notified of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite happenings, hit up this link . Niantic announced the new game is called " Harry Potter: Wizards Unite " and it is again going to make use of augmented reality.

"We are analyzing the situation and will release an update with further details shortly", Parity said in the security alert. Now, all multi-sig wallets created after July 20 are paralyzed. These ( multi_sig wallets deployed using Parity were using the library located at "0x863df6bfa4469f3ead0be8f9f2aae51c91a907b4" address. A July theft of more than 150,000 ETH caused by another flaw was allegedly resolved on July 19, or one day before the current vulnerability issue.

Two days after an unknown person with the GitHub handle devops199 killed the library contract associated with certain Parity wallets, freezing over 500,000 Ether, Martin Swende, the Ethereum Foundation's head of security, told ETHNews that "I see it as an objective fact that these funds can not be unlocked unless there is an hardfork involved". Such an upgrade would require changes across the ethereum blockchain.

"The bug looks like a mistake, not an attack, due to forgetting to initialise the wallet when it was deployed", tweeted hacker and security expert Dan Guido Tuesday. The hard fork was successful then, but the money stolen represented a much larger portion of the entire Ethereum market than the $300m lost to Parity. While a valid option, a hard-fork is not looked upon with favor by all users, and Parity is still looking for other solutions.

PlayStation®VR The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® VR Bundle
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And on Wednesday (8 November), Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, tweeted that he was "deliberately refraining" from commenting on the ongoing Parity wallet issues.

Critical Parity bug leaves +$150M in $ETH frozen, including $90M of Gavin Woods' Polkadot ICO.

Airtel broadband customers can now carry forward data upto 1000GB
For Prepaid customers, Airtel has launched a new bundled pack with fantastic voice and data benefits, including free roaming. Airtel had already announced this data rollover feature for all its Postpaid customers back in August.

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