Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Trump complains about trade imbalance with Japan

Trump complains about trade imbalance with Japan

In a wide shot of the two men, both hold separate boxes of fish food as they spoon the food to the hungry koi in the pond below. In the evening they were joined by their wives for dinner at a high-end eatery in the Ginza district.

President Donald Trump has raised the touchy issue of trade with Japanese business leaders.

Liberal news media such as CNN has selectively aired footage showing how Trump ignorantly overfeed some precious koi carp, as if the US president was trying to kill those lovely fishes.

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The vaccine is no longer capable of causing cold symptoms, but is still able to safely deliver the influenza vaccine genes. Because flu viruses mutate rapidly, researchers have found it hard to develop a flu vaccine with long-term protection.

But a United Kingdom paper, the Guardian, ran an online account that played to the Ugly American stereotype, suggesting Trump had just bungled the ceremony, under the headline "Trump dump: president throws entire box of fish food into precious koi carp pond", with the sub-head of "While his host, Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe, spoons small amounts of feed, the USA leader gives the fish a large feast".

However, if you look at the full footage, Shinzo Abe actually did it first and Donald Trump was merely following his lead. But perhaps presentation counts and Trump was blamed. "The former New York City real estate tycoon got a little heavy handed while feeding koi with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe".

(CNN) For all the debate over whether cooling US-Russia ties constitute a new Cold War, President Trump's current five-nation, 13-day marathon of a trip should already have made something clear: In one part of the world, at least, the Cold War never really ended. Trump pulled the US out of the trade deal, to the dismay of many in the region. Hence, if Trump's dumping of the entire box of fish food was indeed deliberately done as a sign of protest, it didn't work.

Labour calls for probe into Priti Patel meetings in Israel
Liberal Democrat global development secretary Baroness Sheehan said Ms Patel had "gone rogue" and should be sacked. The PM's senior aides were struggling to reach Ms Patel, who left Britain for an official trip to Uganda.

Trump says that he and Abe "like each other and our countries like each other".

President Donald Trump's first trip to Asia began with a round of golf, a custom cap and a hamburger of American beef.

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