Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
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Google Files Go lets you free up space on your smartphone

Google Files Go lets you free up space on your smartphone

Over a million people downloaded a fake WhatsApp application from Google Play Store.

Google is reportedly working on its new Smart Storage app named with Files Go. The originally active Storage tab shows you the free space available on your device alongside sporting feature cards that give you access to clean app cache, remove recorded media, and free up the storage by removing large and downloaded files.

According to the BBC, it was Reddit users who noticed the app's peculiarities and shared them on the site.

While actions like finding and deleting duplicated files and images can best be described as common tasks for an everyday file manager, Google Files Go will go the extra mile to enable you send or transfer files to a friend's phone while offline.

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Fake apps are a fairly regular occurrence on the Google Play store.

Remember, Files Go is still in beta tester state, and will exhibit traits of instability during installation and use.

But many were able to get the APK for the Files Go and install it on their Android Phones.

This minor difference would have been undetectable to the normal WhatsApp user.

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In the review section for the app, one Android user wrote: "Why do Google allow this type of fake apps on playstore to do business".

The Google Play Store page for the fake app claimed the programme had been developed by WhatsApp Inc, the creators of the instant messaging app.

On top of downloading security software for their phones, users can avoid being hacked by being selective about the apps that they download. He's also flagged several other fake WhatsApp apps on Google Play over the last month, including fake Facebook Messenger apps. It'll also suggest removing apps that it looks like you aren't using anymore. This could be done by setting up a "fast hotspot" with just a tap of a button, the Play Store description said.

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