Published: Sat, November 04, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

#WhatsAppDown: Turmoil hits thousands of users as chat connections fail

#WhatsAppDown: Turmoil hits thousands of users as chat connections fail

However, several users on Facebook and Twitter from countries including United States and some African nations too have claimed that the messaging service is not working for them. This feature has been rolling out to all smartphones using WhatsApp.

There has been no official word from the company on the outage or how many users were affected. Many panicked because they were unsure whether it was a local problem, an issue with their phone or the entire nation.

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Users in countries ranging from Brazil and Russian Federation to Vietnam and Myanmar reported on social media that WhatsApp was down in their countries. The Facebook-owned app Whatsapp has apparently gone down because of a server problem.

The outage may be an embarrassment for WhatsApp's parent, Facebook, which has this week announced record revenues from advertising. Last time we reported that users threatened WhatsApp by claiming to switch to other instant messaging services like Telegram.

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It's not very common for WhatsApp to be unavailable worldwide.

But not everyone today noticed the outage due to how quickly it was resolved. WhatsApp has a similar global outage earlier this year as well. This, as before, allows users to delete the message they've sent or received from the device.

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