Published: Wed, October 18, 2017
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Xbox One's Fall Update is Here with Home Personalisation and New Features

Xbox One's Fall Update is Here with Home Personalisation and New Features

Pins have been increased to 40, and the guide is now faster and more responsive.

Aspects like Friend Activities, Leaderboards, and group messages are going to show up at the top of the Home Screen.

One of the advantages of buying an Xbox One X is that some games you already own may be Xbox One X Enhanced: The developers have agreed to author additional high-definition content for Xbox One X owners. The Xbox One has now gone through three iterations of making their dashboard and general UI not feel like its losing a race to a bunch of snails, and the more streamlined third attempt is the best crack at it yet.

You're even able to great new sections on the front welcome page which Microsoft is calling "blocks". You can now use your controller's bumpers to toggle between menus in the Guide, as it now scrolls horizontally, instead of vertically.

Google Pulls Maps Calorie Estimator, Adds Planets to Visit
Google is ditching a planned feature for Maps following criticism on social media. "Not to mention just generally shamey". By clicking on the walking option, you'd even be shown the calories in equivalence to mini cupcakes (of all things).

Bulk transfer will allow you to select and transfer as many games as you want all at once. During the setup process for the Xbox One X, uses can connect their drive to the new console and bring all of their content over at once.

Game blocks can include all sorts of stuff about the game.

That's apparent from just looking at the welcome screen, which now features your last played game, the status of some downloads and a pin for your closest Xbox Live friend. The Multiplayer tab of the Guide will also house the game invites that players receive, and a new Tournaments section in the tab collects all the tournaments that players have joined.

That means you can basically set up your Xbox One X now and copy it all over later. Network-based transfers are also supported.

Facebook acquires tbh, an anonymous compliment app for teens
Facebook is once again making the headlines as the giant has acquired a new tbh app which focuses on the US Teens. They are building community and allowing people to share in ways that bring them closer together.

You can easily discover Xbox One X Enhanced titles in the Store, and developers can optimize game delivery by making sure that 4K assets are installed only for Xbox One X.

The Mixer tab now has previews so you can see more before joining.

You can get personalized tips & help, smart notifications, community tips, & troubleshooting through the new Xbox Assist App.

Right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew are now available.

Google Photos Will Now Recognize Your Pets
This year Google photos announced that it can now sort out the images of your pet and group them together into a single folder. You no longer need to type in "dog" or "cat" in your Photos search box to pull up photos of your pet dog or cat.

Let's see how this update matches to the better together one, which was the previous major release.

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