Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Amazon Finally Introduced a New Oasis Waterproof Kindle

Amazon Finally Introduced a New Oasis Waterproof Kindle

Amazon's had a think about how it can improve on a device millions of people already love just the way it is - the Kindle - and the result is the newly announced second-gen Kindle Oasis.

The new Oasis will make personalising the device easier than ever.

Kindle Oasis is reported to have been tested in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes.

Google disables the Mini speaker's top button to fix spying bug
Now, an updated will be rolled out to every Home Mini by the end of October 15, permanently removing the touch-to-listen feature. This means that the only way to trigger the Assistant on these devices, as well as play/pause/stop alarms, is through voice.

However, one feature that stands out from all the rest is waterproofing. It's worth pointing out that Amazon is also selling a 32GB model with free cellular connectivity for $350. Plus, it's created to withstand getting splashed at the beach or dropped in the bath tub, hot tub, or pool.

Also today, Amazon has announced new font size and bold settings will be "delivered as a free, over-the-air update to Kindle Paperwhite (Gen 6 released in 2013) and newer Kindle devices".

In the United States, the 4G version costs $350 (roughly Rs. 22,800) and includes 32GB of storage. Available for pre-order now, the Kindle Oasis can be yours on October 31, so get ready to have some luxurious reading experiences this winter.

Alexa Now Recognises Different Voices, Personalises Response
These voice profiles will then work across other Echo devices and "most" third-party party Alexa-enabled devices. The training process does have you speak some specific phrases to train Alexa on your voice.

Another upgrade to the software is the built-in audible app which will enable the users to stream audio books to a Bluetooth device such as headphones or speakers. The lower end of the Kindle line-up is more affordable and sufficient for most.

Kindle has become the most used e-reader in the past decade. According to a Pew research report on American device ownership in 2015, it showed that e-reader ownership declined from the previous year.

What is more interesting is the fact that this is the first Kindle Oasis device which is waterproof. Alexa will now be able to recognise individual voices which is ideal for households with more than one person in them.

The price of one Bitcoin is now worth more than $5000
Russia's central bank also said it would block websites of exchanges that are offering cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was trading up 8 per cent on the day around $5200 on Luxembourg-based exchange Bitstamp.

You can drop this new Kindle in the bath, or hot tub, or anywhere to enjoy your ebooks when you need a break from the internet.

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