Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Alligator joins Gators to show off new uniform

Alligator joins Gators to show off new uniform

Those players electing to wear gloves will use the Swamp Green color trimmed in blue and orange.

Some Vol fans may not like Tennessee's Smokey Gray alternate looks, but judging by the reaction online, the Vols' alternate jerseys are much better than Florida's new look.

The Gators and Nike unveiled an alternate uniform Monday night that literally looks like alligator skin. Might be time to re-visit the drawing board for them.

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"Definitely cool because it's different", receiver Josh Hammond said.

Some of the issues in developing the uniform was how the jerseys were printed and resembled an alligator, but also how it wrapped the players' bodies.

The cleats also will be the same green color with Nike's orange Swoosh.

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Pantages noted the helmet will be swamp green ("used for the first time") and feature a gator head on the side. The Gators have used eight variations of blue, orange and white since 2005 and the most frequent combination has been blue jerseys and white trousers. If the Gators play well in their nontraditional getup, then there certainly will be pleas to dust them off down the road.

Savor this, because you're not going to hear it often: We were wrong. "Nobody's ever done it before, so this will be a one-time thing that will go down in the history books for us because we finally got a chance to try something different in a Gator uniform". These uniforms will cause them to lose...

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