Published: Fri, October 13, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Alexa Now Recognises Different Voices, Personalises Response

Alexa Now Recognises Different Voices, Personalises Response

The original Echo was first made available in late 2014 for select Amazon Prime subscribers, and that means the Alexa AI has been learning new tricks and features for almost three years.

To get started, head on over to the Alexa app and select the "Your Voice" option. From this day, Amazon's AI assistant will be able to differentiate between multiple voices and provide personally tailored responses.

Amazon has just given Alexa one of Google Home's most useful features, the ability to understand several different people purely by their voice.

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Thus, most of the countries within the Pacific Islands that includes the Cook Islands and Nauru had the highest rates worldwide. In 2016, the global number of moderately or severely underweight girls and boys was 75 million and 117 million respectively.

What makes it different than Amazon's Echo smart speakers is that it's equipped with a 7-inch display that can show song lyrics, the weather, and can also be used to make voice calls, among other things.

This means if you ask Alexa to call your friend Ben, the Echo will call the right person.

AMAZON'S ALEXA VOICE ASSISTANT edged a step closer to Google Home this week with the rollout of support for multi-user voice profiles. Alexa will recognize their voice without you having to manually switch between profiles, or tell Alexa who you are. "Today the feature is available for calling/messaging, flash briefing, shopping, and the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan, and it'll be rolling out to additional Alexa features in the future".

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The United States is pushing for automobiles to include more US -made parts as well as more content from Canada and Mexico overall.

Tap begin, then pick the device you want to teach from the drop-down menu. Google Home speakers received an update in April that brought the technology to consumers.

The training process does have you speak some specific phrases to train Alexa on your voice.

These voice profiles will then work across other Echo devices and "most" third-party party Alexa-enabled devices.

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What is also important is that they have recognized that child marriage and child trafficking are closely linked to each other. The "exception in rape law is discriminatory, capricious and arbitrary".

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