Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
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Russian Federation has also bought ads on Google for the american election

Russian Federation has also bought ads on Google for the american election

Google had previously said it had seen no evidence of Russian-bought election ads on its platforms.

There is a chance that Google may find other ads from Russian-linked accounts, the person familiar with the investigation said. "We are sure that as Google looks deeper it will find that the Russians did worse than they are reporting and when you add that to what we know happened at Facebook and Twitter, you begin to understand the scope of their influence on the 2016 presidential elections", a national security expert told The Liberal Advocate News Monday. Facebook and Twitter have previously stated Russian agents spent money to push paid ads on their platforms to create disarray ahead of the election, that was eventually won by current United States president Donald Trump. Facebook has said those ads reached just 10 million of the 210 million US users that log onto the service each month.

The company did not immediately comment on the claims. But sources did say that data shared by its tech industry counterparts aided Google's investigation, a broad inquiry that has tapped the search giant's own in-house tech think tank, called Jigsaw, which has previously studied issues like online extremism.

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Facebook has said the Russian company had placed 3,000 ads on its network at a cost of about $100,000. However, the Google ads were reportedly not purchased by the same Vladimir Putin-affiliated group that bought ads on Facebook, meaning the problem could be more widespread than thought.

As part of a broad internal inquiry - which also spans sites like YouTube - Google also identified about $53,000 in ads that are connected to Russian Federation, through markers like a local billing address, but may not be explicitly tied to the Kremlin, the source said.

This is the first time Google has been reported to admit to evidence of this activity.

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Twitter, meanwhile, has been shown to be a dense thicket of easily faked accounts and news items that allowed alleged Russian operatives to pump out politically divisive and anti-Clinton tweets.

The vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mark Warner, has said he thinks Russian-linked accounts' purchase of $100,000 worth of Facebook ads is only "the tip of the iceberg". Critics are angry that Facebook won't reveal the Russian ads to the public, and many diverse voices are calling for tighter government regulations over the company.

Facebook turned those ads over to Congress and the special counsel's office, which are both investigating Russian efforts to influence the outcome of last year's election, and has agreed to testify before the House and Senate intelligence committees on November 1.

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