Published: Mon, October 09, 2017
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Today in obvious headlines, Gal Gadot kissed Kate McKinnon on 'SNL'

Today in obvious headlines, Gal Gadot kissed Kate McKinnon on 'SNL'

Gal Gadot strapped up the sandals of Princess Diana of Themyscira on Saturday Night Live for a sketch that spoofed her summer blockbuster, Wonder Woman.

Following several amusing exchanges of dialogue throughout the sketch, Diana comes to the realization, "Maybe I should kiss one of you and see if I feel something?" and after planting a few long kisses on Dre, she says, "I feel nothing".

Five found stabbed to death in Delhi's Mansarovar Park
Police said that a cupboard kept in the room where the women were found murdered, was ransacked, but nothing was found missing. The family members said that they always believed that staying together in a big, joint family would ensure security.

Not that there was any cause to doubt her comedic chops, but it's official: Gadot is a pro at playing multiple Wonder Women - and hilariously, too. "Hi Eema, hi Abba", Gadot said, calling out to her parents in Hebrew. But 32-year-old Gal Gadot tried her first Reese's Peanut Butter Cup just the other day, and we're shocked that she's never given them a try before.

The two shared a kiss Saturday night during a parody of Wonder Woman. "You know how you take pictures with young girls who look up to you?"

Seen @ Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh Steelers tailgate at Heinz Field
After admitting that the coaches probably outsmarted themselves last week, the Jaguars were dedicated to the running game. Bryant has been one of Ben Roethlisberger's top targets this season with 10 catches for 183 yards and one touchdown.

"I'm sorry, you are taking this the wrong way", Diana tells them. "OK, well, this is a huge letdown for us", Bryant's character says, with McKinnon adding, "Yeah, 'cause the whole thing seems so super-gay". We won't spoil the sketch's reveal, because that's half the fun, but once that turn comes, the punchlines are just plain great comedy writing.

"First Date" Thompson and Gadot play two Bumble users on a first date in this "SNL" sketch. The actress has been a true role model for many young girls out there and the star is always making sure to also share real moments with the fans who come to see her in person.

Dove apologizes for 'racist' Facebook ad
Another user showed labeling on one of their products bottles that said "nourishing lotion for normal to dark skin ". Others have promised to no longer use the brand, calling the advertisement "blatant racism", according to reports.

Gal's SNL hosting stint also touched on O.J. Simpson's recent release from prison.

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