Published: Sun, October 08, 2017
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The best smartphone for photography is the Pixel 2

The best smartphone for photography is the Pixel 2

The phone is therefore broken in two, and, of course, becomes unusable.

The Note 8 device has a Samsung DeX which enables users to connect to a larger display unit, a keyboard and mouse, turning the device into a PC.

To Apple's credit, the company doesn't make any false claims with respect to key specifications of the displays on these devices. When it comes to video recording, the Galaxy Note 8 is said to yield less "twitchy" outputs due to its optical and digital stabilization.

"These days many devices - especially smartphones - look and act the same", Osterloh wrote yesterday on the Google blog.

With this score, it will be a while before another smartphone trumps the Pixel 2 and breaks the DxOMark scale.

It is reported that the PV panel device from Google earned 98 points at the end of testing.

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The displays on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were truly new when they were introduced; they delivered much higher brightness than their predecessors, industry-leading color accuracy, and support for wide-color.

Samsung Display's early decision to focus on OLED rather than LCD mobile display technology has paid dividends now that the technology is seeing greater appeal in mobile. Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 has a dual camera feature, and both of its cameras have 12-megapixel lenses. The display is currently the largest 8K display in the world.

We take a look at the big-screen Pixel 2 XL to find out where it stands in comparison to the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Rs67,900) and the Apple iPhone X (Rs89,000).

Google has made some changes in the interface in Pixel 2 XL.

According to VentureBeat, this is the first LG smartphone to feature a rear camera with an f1.6 aperture lens.

The LG V30 has a bezel-less design with slightly curved front and rear glass.

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Unlike the iPhone X's limited passcode and facial scanning technology, the Note 8 offers those options, plus fingerprint and iris scanning to unlock the device. The phones also include license for Knox Configure and Enterprise Firmware updates for up to three years. It will be available in 64GB and 128GB variants too but will sell at Rs73,000.

Even more impressive is the ability to use Samsung's S-pen on the display even when it is wet.

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Under the hood, the phone is powered by Samsung's octa-core Exynos 8895 CPU and 6GB of RAM supporting all the usual 4G network bands.

Experience the aura and passion that Frieha Altaf brings to the stage at the #GalaxyNote8 launch! In September 2014, the panel maker displayed a 1.3-inch round-shape flexible OLED panel for smartwatches. CNET reports, though, that the Apple device's front camera produces better images and works better in low lighting, perfect for taking selfies. The iPhone X is also IP67 certified.

Admittedly the Galaxy Note 8 is much closer in price to the cheapest iPhone X model, yet I feel it's far superior in majority of its functions. Also, iPhone X has amazed the users with excellent features.

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What smartphone will you be buying?

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