Published: Sat, October 07, 2017
Entertaiment | By Lawrence Myers

New 'Justice League' Trailer Drops Sunday, Character Posters Released

New 'Justice League' Trailer Drops Sunday, Character Posters Released

After two of its superhero films flopped with critics, DC Entertainment apparently isn't as focused on keeping its separate franchises connected anymore.

Batman v Superman was one of the bigger blunders in recent filmmaking, all the way down to that stupid lowercase, unpunctuated "v" in the title.

In a new interview with Empire Magazine, Affleck admitted that the general criticisms about the film were justified. Affleck shared that the film was already set up before the movie came out.

Stocks extend record highs; six in a row for the S&P
Friday brings the US monthly jobs report, while investors are also anxious to see third-quarter corporate earnings reports. Large banks were big winners, with JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs all winning one percent or more.

The SuperHeroHype website posted a new "Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitter Hat" teasing the possibility of the Man of Steel wearing his iconic black Kryptonian armor before going back to his classic red and blue suit. The actor who may or may not still be Batman stopped his criticism right there.

The sponsorship includes more special fan experiences in select AT&T stores across the USA starting October 27, including authentic costumes and props from the movie, exclusive posters, virtual reality interactions and more.

Directed by Zack Synder, the film was supposed to be the curtain raiser for the upcoming multiple superhero vehicle, Justice League but given the response its trailer has received, DC is rightfully anxious.

Many of feel like we knew Tom Petty personally
As I briskly leapt up the steps to the sixth floor, I listened to classic rock radio on Spotify and the music shuffled to Petty. Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr wrote on Twitter: "God bless Tom Petty peace and love to his family I'm sure going to miss you Tom".

It's a journey that was backed up in the same Empire interview by Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot: "Justice League is not a dark or heavy movie". Now that Whedon has had time to work on the reshoots, it seems that we will be getting a trailer that is in his voice while also staying true to Snyder's vision.

Batman has been known to keep several trophies from all of his exploits, but he also likes to keep things that serve as reminders-specifically the old Robin suit which looks to have been vandalized by the Joker. All in all, there are some fascinating stories to follow. You'd think Batman has more stuff up his sleeve than a bunch of different Iron Man suits.

Treasury report says no laws violated in Mnuchin's travels
The inspector general's office found that there was no evidence to suggest Mnuchin planned the trip around the solar eclipse.

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