Published: Fri, October 06, 2017
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Blade Runner recap - What happened in the first movie?

Blade Runner recap - What happened in the first movie?

Blade Runner 2049 picks up thirty years after the events of the 1980s classic, which was brought to the screen by filmmaking legend Ridley Scott. Some films can make that time commitment fly by, but Blade Runner 2049 only contains sporadic action, remaining contemplative in most scenes.

With a host of glowing reviews (including our own), Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049 finally opens tonight. "It's a piece of art that's at ideal equilibrium, aesthetically and musically".

"That's so cool that you did that", Gosling said in all earnestness.

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ZORRO THE GAY BLADE (1981) George Hamilton followed his hit "Love at First Bite" with this spoof about the Mexican Robin Hood that was billed as "Zexy, Zany, Zensational!"

Ryan Gosling as K in BLADE RUNNER 2049 from Warner Bros.

Now that Blade Runner 2049 is just about off the launching pad, Villeneuve has been linked to two other massive projects: Dune and Cleopatra. In fact, if we are asked about one specific actress and her character, it is requested we respond, "We meet many striking characters over the course of the film, and she is one of them". Less impressive is Niander Wallace, the new villain played by Jared Leto, who appears exclusively to give big, scenery-chewing bad guy speeches (though his right-hand woman, played by relative newcomer Sylvia Hoeks, makes a stronger impression). The late-arriving Harrison Ford is there in the flesh, but he's coming off a "Star Wars" franchise that reanimated actors, including a dead one, in younger digital facsimiles. "But the movie needed something different, and I needed to go back to something closer to Vangelis".

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"Blade Runner" is likely to be too slow for some viewers - possibly after its engrossing first half - but if you give yourself over fully to Villeneuve and company, you will be rewarded.

There are moments when the action picks up where an astute viewer can feel the faintest touches of studio interference, but the exceptional story, cast, and visuals of "Blade Runner 2049" are second to none and alleviate any worries that even the most extreme of fans might have before the movie begins. Dennis Gassner's production design complements the iconic rainy metropolis with snowy, wintery cityscapes and barren deserts, and each of them is just comically well-photographed by cinematographer Roger Deakins; frame after frame is simply jaw-dropping.

Needless to say, a sequel 35 years later to one of the most beloved science-fiction films ever created was met with well-founded skepticism and reluctance.

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