Published: Thu, October 05, 2017
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YRMC prepared to take action if mass shooting happened

YRMC prepared to take action if mass shooting happened

A mass shooting is very different than a chemical incident or a fire.

The mass shooting in Las Vegas will have first responders and trauma centers all over the country rethinking strategies to deal with mass shootings.

At least 59 people were killed.

The sheriff also said authorities had completed their investigation at the gunman's property in Reno, finding five handguns, two shotguns and a plethora of ammunition. "I could not even tell you how many patients we had at the moment", said Dr. Stephanie Davidson, staff physician at Sunrise Medical Center in Las Vegas. He said the casualty levels in Las Vegas were comparable to what would occur on a battlefield or from a natural disaster. It is the closest hospital to the site of the shooting and is a Level 2 trauma center.

Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center treated 180 people, including 124 for gunshot wounds. "It's really about how to streamline those patients and get them treated the best you can and manage the crowds that come along with the patients".

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The victims need blood donations, local officials say, and people are lining up to give.

"This has been an unprecedented response to an unprecedented tragedy".

"And because no one hospital can necessarily handle the extreme number of casualties as seen last night, we have to prepare as regions", says Piazza. The hospital, in partnership with the county, runs annual drills to prepare for the possibility of an influx of patients all needing critical treatment at once. Rose Dominican, according to their representatives.

In a mass-casualty situation, the Tampa Bay region's only Level 1 trauma center-Tampa General Hospital-has a plan to respond, said Tony Venezia, the hospital's director of security and emergency management. As a result, staff will start to perform a type of triage called "secondary triage". "We had people in the hallways, people outside and more people coming in". "It's just getting over your hesitation maybe to become involved in the care of a patient".

That training is no act for doctors, who say there isn't a day that goes by where they don't anticipate the worst. After this mass shooting, they expect a press conference to be held next. Orlando Health provided such services after the Pulse nightclub shooting.

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The program trains ordinary citizens how to help someone who is bleeding from a gunshot or other injury. They've encouraged not just law enforcement, but also bystanders, to learn how to stop hemorrhaging. He suggests placing them in schools, businesses, possibly even around arenas that host sporting events. "Drills should test the emergency department and hospital-wide activation".

When 23 severely injured patients arrived at University of Colorado Hospital in 2012 after a gunman opened fire on the moviegoers, the trauma team immediately jumped into action.

The shooting was the worst in modern United States history, with at least 59 dead and some 500 injured.

She continued that they saw patients with bullet wounds to their head, chest, abdomen, and extremities.

Of the 23 taken to the hospital, 22 survived.

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"Bullet wounds are tricky". "It was crucial for us to monitor vital signs to make sure nobody was crashing".

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