Published: Thu, October 05, 2017
Global News | By Stacy Ballard

Mark Cuban May Run For President

Mark Cuban May Run For President

The Jewish owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association said he is "considering" a run for president.

"Considering, yes. Ready to commit to it, no", Cuban told Sellers. "If I can come up with solutions that people can truly get behind and truly solve problems, then it makes flawless sense for me to run".

Business mogul, "Shark Tank" regular, Indiana University graduate, National Basketball Association team owner and ... president of the United States?

Arsenal boss Wenger: Alexis assist a 'thing of beauty'
Wenger who marked 21 years in charge of the Premier League giants against the South Coast side at the Emirates on Sunday said of Iwobi: "A player like that must score ten goals".

That's a rather detailed corporate tax idea for someone who is 90% sure he won't run for president in three years' time.

Mark Cuban, who became President Donald Trump's top critic from the reality TV and business world in 2016, said that although Trump might have poisoned the well for business leaders to run for office, it won't stop him from "considering" a 2020 run.

"I love the guy because he's the only human being who trolls himself and doesn't know it", Cuban told The Dallas Morning News earlier this year. He supported Trump's opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Senate Intelligence Committee will not release Russian-bought Facebook ads
He did not elaborate, except to say that the committee had not come to any conclusions and that the investigation is ongoing. Burr said the Russians had been "pretty darn successful" in fomenting chaos in the USA political system.

"We discussed how much of a threat I believe Trump to be", Cuban said in an email to Business Insider. "My goal is always to find a solution". I try to be informed. He backed me big-time but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls. After Sellers noted that the National Basketball Association has a rule mandating that its players stand for the anthem, he asked Cuban about his approach to a Maverick possibly wanting to take a knee.

Appearing on the Viewpoint podcast, Cuban said his decision would need to be based on whether he thinks he can help the country. Trump tweeted about Cuban in February.

Range Rover launches its first ever hybrid
The rear follows the same recipe with a new bumper and slimmer stoplights making it look more sharp and sturdy. Range Rover has introduced the new engine alongside other changes to the Range Rover Sport for 2018.

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