Published: Thu, October 05, 2017
Markets | By Noel Gibbs

FDA tells bakery they can't list 'love' as an ingredient

FDA tells bakery they can't list 'love' as an ingredient

Brown sugar, rolled oats and even nut yes, but feelings no, says USA regulatory agency.

The FDA released a letter on Tuesday warning the Massachusetts-based Nashoba Brook Bakery about a number of infractions, including food safety and mislabeled ingredients.

Nashoba Chief Executive Officer John Gates said the FDA's take on love as an ingredient "just felt so George Orwell".

The US Food and Drug Administration does not appreciate companies trying to tell shoppers their products are made with "love". "And focusing only on that particular violation detracts from the multitude of serious violations reflected in this letter".

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The bakery was warned about products that were "prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions" where they could be contaminated and cause bodily harm to consumers.

The email said the bigger violations were sanitary issues.

Apparently, it doesn't matter how much of your soul you put into making something, you aren't allowed to list "Love" as one of the ingredients.

The agency said that the use of "love" as an ingredient was not "among the agency's top concerns".

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The apparently romanceless suits at the FDA have taken a stand against grandma's meatloaf, childhood bake sales, and bags of one MA baking company's granola. It is nice that an artisan bakery can say love is in the granola and it helps to put smiles on the face of people.

The bakery, which sells goods in about 120 stores through MA and New Hampshire, was also cited with other infractions regarding food safety and mislabeled ingredients.

Gates said the company would comply with what the FDA has requested and will respond to the regulatory agency sometime next week.

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