Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
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Raiders donating $50000 to support Las Vegas victims and survivors

Raiders donating $50000 to support Las Vegas victims and survivors

A gunman opened fired from a hotel room above an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, killing at least 59 and injured over 500.

The verified crowd-funding campaign to which the team contributed had raised almost $2.8 million by 10 p.m. Monday to aid victims and their families.

Blood has been a big concern since the shooting that's being called the deadliest in USA history.

Arrests As Hundreds of Neo-Nazis March in Gothenberg, Sweden
Law enforcement officials anticipated violence and called in police reinforcements from across Sweden before the protest. They were forcefully blocked from marching near a synagogue in the city after a court ruling banned them from the area.

The fund was started by Clark County commissioner Steve Sisolak in order to help provide relief for the victims and their families.

"It can be very frustrating not being able to help and certainly this is one of those that most everyone can do, they can give blood".

Now, the Oakland Raiders have stepped up and donated $50,000, which the NFL Foundation has agreed to match.

MA officials express sadness over Vegas shooting
Baker says he takes "some comfort" in knowing MA has some of the nation's toughest gun laws, including an assault weapons ban. The nonprofit group is part of former congresswoman Gabby Giffords' Americans for Responsible Solutions Foundation.

The alleged shooter, who was identified as Stephen Paddock, fired at the crowd from his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, killing almost 60 and injuring hundreds of concert goers.

The manager at Bonfils Blood Center said more than 600 people across 8 sites donated blood Monday.

Late Sunday night the Inland Northwest Blood Center sent 55 units of blood to their sister center in Las Vegas.

Stardew Valley is almost ripe for Nintendo Switch
Perhaps if the game is as successful as Chucklefish hopes, it could lead to further partnerships between it and Nintendo.

"We had a couple of people that chose not to go", said Jessica Donamaria, Preferred Travel Inc. of Minot. "So, it was easier when the Boston people came and said they understand, because they did understand", the survivor said. The alleged accomplice, Marilou Danley, has been interviewed and she was not in Las Vegas during the shooting. "Right here in South Georgia or North Florida because there are people every day who need help", said Michaels.

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