Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
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Lapse in federal funding imperils children's health coverage

Lapse in federal funding imperils children's health coverage

States use those dollars to provide care for about nine million children of the working poor, including 22,389 at last count in Arizona.

According to the website, CHIP provides "low-cost health coverage to children in families that earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid", and also covers pregnant women in some states. "We'd be especially punished because our state statute for our CHIP program, KidsCare, has a trigger that would shut down the program and freeze enrollment if Congress doesn't renew funding". Van Ramshorst said that 70 to 80 percent of UHS' patient population receives either Medicaid or CHIP funding.

Although most states can extend aid with rollovers from their two-year allotments, Minnesota had been on course to expend its entire share September 30 and was exploring "extraordinary measures" to continue coverage, including using $10 million from its general fund.

"Obviously, we want to give our members 30 days' notice prior to any program change", Capriotti said.

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EW: If there are significant coverage losses, fewer children having CHIP insurance, will that have an impact on pediatricians and hospitals and health care providers who rely on billing CHIP for their services?

Efforts are expected to begin in the House this week, to hopefully prevent long-term financial problems for those who depend on CHIP.

CHIP, created in 1997, was one of the incremental health-reform initiatives taken during the Clinton administration after the defeat of Hillarycare.

Before the deadline, lawmakers were busy grappling with the failed repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The program is administered by the states, and they generally have leftover funds from previous years. Maryland, which has about 140,000 CHIP enrollees, has enough money to last through March, state officials estimate. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, authored an op-ed on the anti-abortion website on Monday touting the legislation.

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Hilda Shirk, president and CEO of SouthEast Lancaster Health Services, said federal funding for other safety net programs including community health centers such as SouthEast also expired Saturday.

"While every program... has an advocate and a desire to accomplish a certain albeit potentially even altruistic or beneficent goal, at some point one realizes that perhaps we can't afford every program", said Biggs, who at the time was running for Congress. I mean, Montana is one state that is now facing this, but many other states are expected to run out of CHIP funds relatively quickly, so I think the hope is Congress will take this up quick.

When is Congress likely to act? Ron Wyden of OR, announced an agreement in mid-September to renew CHIP funding.

Capito said strong, bipartisan support for re-authorization is cause for confidence CHIP will be continued as the bill is worked and reworked in the Senate Finance Committee through Tuesday. I think there's a question of priorities, and we're hopeful that Congress will hear from constituents that states that CHIP is really a critical program for kids health, and hopefully we'll see them move on something quickly. Ron Wyden, calls for the program to be renewed for five years, not the two-year extension that some conservatives favor.

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A bipartisan bill now in the Senate Finance Committee may reauthorize CHIP before states begin to exhaust funding.

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