Published: Wed, October 04, 2017
Science | By Cecil Little

Instagram Stories gets updated with sticker polls

Instagram Stories gets updated with sticker polls

The new additions include a poll feature in stories as well as a new color picker and an alignment tool to help make your stories as nice as possible for your followers. Instagram is following suit with its own polling feature within Stories.

Instagram Stories lets you write your own question and defaults the answers to Yes and No, though you can edit those to be whatever you want. You can find the updates in the App Store or Google Play.

These updates have been rolled out today as part of Instagram version 17.

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Instagram is also becoming closer to a mobile PhotoShop with its new color dropper feature that lets you sample a color from your image to draw or add text with a matching hue. Select the tool (next to the color selection area) and the drawing tool will fill in the color to match whatever area of your photo you select. The new tool means you'll be able to attach two-option queries to your Stories.

Simply drag and drop the tool over the various colors in the photo or video to find the ideal one. First, there is a new color picker for text and brushes. You can change this color if you end up not liking the one you choose, simply drag the dropped again and select another color until you find the ideal one.

Also, on iOS, when you position text or a sticker on your photo or video, new blue lines will appear to help you center it or avoid placing it anywhere that might get covered up when someone watches your story. And when you rotate text or a sticker, new guides will also help you snap your sticker back to horizontal.

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To add a poll drag and drop a sticker to your Story and then you'll be presented with the tools to customize the question and choices.

Users can see the results of their polls by going to the viewers list for that particular image or video in their story.

All the latest features are available now on Instagram's iPhone and Android apps.

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