Published: Sun, September 17, 2017
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Teacher assaulted student after not standing during pledge of Allegiance

Teacher assaulted student after not standing during pledge of Allegiance

Stone Chaney, who attends East Middle School in Farmington Hills, Mich., told ClickOnDetroit that his teacher "violently" dragged him out of his chair and attempted to force him to stand for the pledge, leaving the young man confused and unwilling to return to that school.

According to Stone, another teacher yelled at him for sitting during the pledge the next day. "The District fully supports the right of each student to participate or not in the daily Pledge", the superintendent said.

"God said don't worship anything other than me, don't worship any idols, and pledging to a flag would kind of be like worshiping it", he said. "I say I don't stand for the pledge, she just glares at me and walks away", Stone said.

The boy's father, Brian Chaney, is considering taking his son out of the district as the family reviews their legal options.

Chaney became emotional during a phone interview, crying as he talked about the leader he says his son has become.

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Stone is very adamant about not standing, saying that he does not pledge to a flag. I have to make a stance for this, ' Chaney said.

Heitsch explained the district "cannot speculate" about what the investigation will uncover but assured parents the school expects "every child and adult in our district to be treated with dignity and respect". He said students have the right to skip the Pledge of Allegiance. The student hasn't returned to the school since the incident.

"We want people to know people have rights".

"It's his choice to sit", Chaney told WDIV.

"If they're fighting for freedom they're fighting for us to have choices, then it's our choice", said Mr. Chaney.

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'I'm looking at my son as a hero.

"We don't want to paint the whole district with one whole brush", he said.

Phillina Mullin, Stone's mother, said the educator should not have touched Stone. They said that they will likely pull Stone out of the district entirely.

Stone's decision to sit during the Pledge of Allegiance comes about a year after NFL players and other athletes began protests of the national anthem during games. And after that, if anything like this happens again, the teacher should be fired and never be allowed to teach in any public school ever again.

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